Both idyllic and dynamic

City or countryside? The municipality of Sursee is both. And this is not the only aspect of Sursee with two mutually inspiring sides to it. The result is an environment that is ideal to both work in and live in.

Surseeā€™s medieval old town is enhanced by modern architecture. Here, urban hustle and bustle goes hand in hand with rural tranquillity, just as glassy office buildings complement quiet country lanes. Centrally located and nestled in a harmonious hilly landscape right on the banks of Lake Sempach, the region features peaceful residential areas and a variety of leisure and cultural activities.

This unique combination is what makes Sursee a key development area in the Swiss canton of Lucerne. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of jobs and new housing. As an emerging region, Sursee can benefit your company and employees in numerous ways, be it through its attractive accommodation, its accessibility, or the relatively low corporate taxes.