Built on the cutting edge

Prestigious, well-conceived and modern. Designed with a long-term vision in mind, the open, welcoming nature of the Business Park Sursee never fails to impress. Its high standard of equipment enables you to start working in your new office with ease.

Everything about this building is impressive, from its ceiling-high windows which dominate the minimalist exterior, to its modern architecture, featuring clean lines and shapes. This style extends to the inside of the building too, where
it is complemented by elements painted in warm colours, a sophisticated lighting concept and design objects. All in all, it creates a bright, friendly atmosphere that encourages productive work. Your customers and guests will no doubt be delighted to attend meetings with you here.

The four-storey building was built in 2012 according to the Swiss sustainable building standard, Minergie, and is fitted with modern building equipment and appliances. The functionally equipped spaces make it easy for you to customise your office, for example when it comes to IT. In terms of security too, the building meets the highest requirements at all levels.