Concentrate on your core business and leave the rest to other experts. To do so, you can fall back on the business centre’s comprehensive spectrum of services, ranging from IT to valet parking.

Managing a company demands your full attention, whether you are completely focused on your customers or absorbed in developing new lines of business. So that you can devote yourself to your core business and avoid dealing with everything else yourself, you can rely on the various in-house service providers.

Why not let computer experts take care of your IT, or have your offices cleaned by professionals, for example? Administrative services, plant care experts or laundry services can be called on when needed. Not only are fully-equipped seminar and conference rooms at your disposal, but also technicians, valet parking staff and security officers. The team at the Bison Restaurant would also be delighted to provide the catering for your event.


Made-to-measure services, be it in IT, cleaning, catering or administration.