Teamwork is the key to success, be it in the office, the kitchen or the cafeteria. The in-house restaurant fosters this sense of community – with gusto.

It’s time to take a break and leave your work behind. Offering a wide selection of lunch menus and a salad bar, the Bison Restaurant is located right below your office. Here, you can enjoy your lunch in the restaurant’s stylish interior, followed by an espresso on the peaceful sun terrace overlooking the surrounding parkland. Or perhaps you would like to give your conference participants a chance to engage in stimulating conversation over a buffet lunch, arranged and served by the Bison Restaurant.

By being open to new people here, be it from other companies in the building or from the restaurant and cafeteria, you can make valuable acquain­tances that can open up new perspectives for you.

Both the restaurant and cafeteria are run by the Swiss NGO “Stiftung Brändi”, which provides work and training here for people with disabilities. In this way, the business centre’s restaurant creates a sense of respectful togetherness that everyone benefits from.

Here you will find more information about our in-house gastronomy.


In-house restaurant with terrace and cafeteria – for lunch, networking or catering.